The boys are officially 27 months and well, delayed in speech. And yes, I know… Boys tend to be a bit delayed. And yes, I know, they are twins. Both of which tend to lend to delays. Add the added factor that Braeden has been assessed at about an 18 month old (some assessments have him younger, some older.) So, yes language is not our strong suit at the moment. But when they talk, they are cute. Braeden calls a Giraffe a Raf, an elephant gets called ell-la-la with the addition of the sound of a raspberry. Damon gets a funny little voice when he says open, which really comes out as Opp-en. Damon’s ultimate cuteness was yesterday when he proudly announced “I kit-te… Meow!”
It’s fun to see both boys experimenting with more and more language and seeing Braeden use sign language for a lot of the words he can’t say clearly.

Like Mommy, like daughter! Camp was a hit!

We just got home, a 45 minute drive from Camp Bothin and my daughter has finally slowed down on the tales of all of her adventures!  Let me just say, camp was a hit!  She thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She spent the entire trip home talking about skits, singing songs, telling us about her counselors, doing a Polar bear swim and “Tajar” (http://www.jacketflap.com/bookdetail.asp?bookid=B0007DV9VY) She also managed to lose another tooth at camp (we thought we were in the clear when she lost her 7th one a day before leaving… guess not as #8 was ready too!)  While she did pretty well in the management of “stuff” department, she did manage to come home minus 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of sleep pants, and 1 disposable camera… A pretty small price to pay for the sheer joy that we brought home.

This experience has been so much fun to watch her have as I too enjoyed camp at a young age and continued on when I became a camp counselor in my early adulthood. Hearing her sing the songs I sang and talk of stories and traditions I hold so close to my heart has been so much fun to share with her. While I have to admit it was definitely harder to have her away than I thought it would be, and while I’m thrilled to have her home, I can’t wait for next summer and her next camp adventure as she really had a wonderful experience.

Happy New Year!

Ok, I know we are almost a month in… but, better late than never.


We celebrated my daughter’s 16th birthday… er, her 6th birthday on New Year’s day. I said 16th simply because I swear we are getting a preview of what to expect in the teen years and all I can say is, I’M SCARED! We already have stomping off to the bedroom muttering you are the meanest parents. Eye rolling and a six year old that thinks she knows EVERYTHING and will correct you, just to prove a point. All I can say is if this is what we get at six… We are doomed! But, back to the birthday…

We had a fun day at California Pizza Kitchen and Build a Bear. CPK turned out to be such a surprise fun birthday place. I called to schedule a lunch after Build a Bear and the nice manager I spoke with told me to go there first. We could go at 10:00 in the morning and the kids could tour the kitchen and then make their own pizzas and eat all for a measly $10 bucks each… a steal. The person directing the party even quizzed the kids on what vegetables she was holding and helped make our time last until our scheduled Build a Bear party. They were awesome, and I highly recommend! Build a bear was a fun way to end the day.

The boys… Language Development – Braeden thus far says mo for more, mi for mine, ma-ma, apa, i for Hi, op for up and Damon is saying Ma-ma, and HI. Gross Motor – Damon is starting to run and kind of looks like a silly clown in a circus, feet out and hands up. Braeden is still cruising and pushes a walking toy one handed now. Feeding – Damon is eating everything (and I mean everything, the kid is gonna eat us out of house and home!) Braeden is making strides, he can now take 2 ounces of liquid by mouth and 3-4 ounces of baby food by mouth. They both are changing so much and developing funny little personalities. They are interacting more even if it is just to get mad at the other one stealing their toy.

So far the year is off to a great start minus having to switch our insurance at the beginning of the year. This year should bring less appointments (hallelujia!) and a new Girl Scout Daisy troop for Lorelei (mommy is co-leading a new troop.) Go 2011!

Ok… I give up!

I have been trying to get back into this blog, feeling at a loss as to where to start as it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted! So, I give up! I will start anew and fill in the blanks when I can, but I refuse to miss anymore milestones in this attempt to post all the past year’s events. For those of you who know me… you won’t miss much… and well, in the off chance that some random person has found this blog and has attempted to follow my nonsense, my apologies and good luck trying to figure out the madness that has occurred since giving birth to twins in November of 2009! Good grief!

So without further ado I will try to sum up 2009, and most of 2010… We still have a few days left in this chaotic year to attempt another post 😉

November 2009…. Yay, babies are here!!!! They both arrive safely and we spend just a few days at the hospital!

December 2009… Hmmm…. this one’s tough, severely sleep deprived and now trying to manage THREE children… I think we managed to celebrate Christmas, and began to realize something was not quite right with one of our little boys.

January 2010… All hell broke loose! What seemed off in December with our little boy, officially turned into hell this month. Braeden was screaming everytime we tried to feed him and could barely get an ounce in his body every 1 1/2 hours, we were seeing the pediatrician almost every few days and then a GI Specialist who thought they were dealing with reflux…. Finally mid-month Braeden was declared failure to thrive and admitted to Children’s Hospital Oakland NICU. There is plenty more to write about this month that will have to be added some other time. Somehow in the middle of all this madness, we managed to pull of a Fancy Nancy Birthday party for our now 5-year-old little girl… Who I sincerely hope remembers her birthday and not her parents taking shifts on the party day so that someone could still be with her brother.

February… Juggling three kiddos, Lorelei attending daycare, bouncing our poor little Damon between friends and family, and Braeden still stuck in the NICU! We had a very rough month with a success at the end of getting all our children back together under one roof! Braeden officially spent 6+ weeks at the hospital.

March, April, & May… We settle into all being home and actually having two babies in one place. Lorelei continues to go to daycare, and will all the way through August. We did this to keep her schedule stable and make sure she gets what she needs to start Kindergarten with success! Meanwhile, I settle into juggling two babies through Braeden’s crazy schedule seeing 3-5 doctors and specialists a week! Damon has a few milestones happen… Rolling, sitting up, and even crawling.

June & July… Really more of the same… Braeden gets evaluated by Regional Center of The East Bay and is determined to have a 34% Physical Delay and qualifies for services of having Physical therapy and a specialist that comes to the house to work with him. Damon, meanwhile is becoming a more proficient crawler and investigator! Lorelei is spending the summer at preschool going on field trips to various places.

August… A big month at our house! Damon has officially started pulling up and cruising! Lorelei starts Kindergarten! I am a mess! Sad and happy my baby girl is starting BIG KID school! B-boy is still going to a crazy amount of appointments and is trying to eat some solids, his physical development is improving.

September… We are settling into a school routine and homework! Damon is now climbing and B-boy is starting to get some relief on the appointment front (He now typically only has 3 appointments a week with the added specialists every 6 weeks… so an improvement!)

October… I broke out the sewing machine and successfully sewed Thing 1 and Thing 2 Hats (wigs) for the boys, dyed union suits red, and hand painted the thing signs for their costumes. Lorelei got a custom fairy skirt complete with leaves and renaissance sleeves. We made it to one Halloween party, Lorelei’s school parade, and her old schools annual carnival. Lorelei trick or treated with Auntie & papa and mommy called it a night for the boys.


November… Birthdays!!! We made it! The boys turned one on the 17th and we had a party the weekend following. Damon dove into his cake with very little hesitation and Braeden was a bit more hesitant, he took a few bites off of my finger. Thanksgiving was great; the boys took a late afternoon and were awake enough and able to sit with us at dinner… Again, Damon our chow hound LOVED turkey dinner. Braeden tried everything and really loved his Earths Best Apple Turkey Cranberry dinner 🙂 I also started a part-time job for the Christmas season with mixed feelings.

And now we officially move into the holiday season… Hard to believe it will be their second Christmas, the first one was a blur… Hard to believe this is my last month with my little girl as a five year old, this year has been a blur… My kids are my life, my joy, I truly enjoy watching them grow and develop. 2010 has been a CRAZY year thus far… let’s see what December brings!


Welcome to frustration beyond belief….

So this week we thought we would close by Wednesday and receive our keys no later than Friday… Wrong! We are buying a REO (bank owned) property and the asset manager for the bank was disagreeing with hem… just about every other party involve about where our seller paid closing funds could be spent! Even going as far to say they were just going to put the house back on the market! A-holes!!! So, all of the parties had to head back to the table and after much negotiation, all was figured out on Friday… leaving us to get our keys (fingers crossed!) on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, we have had to start the process of determining everything that will be needed immediately to live and function happily and healthfully in our new home… and well all I can say is I am seeing nothing but $$$$$.

The other joy in all this is my body is not cooperating and am REALLY having to take it easy now (which f’ing sucks!) I can honestly say having to sit around and watch John do everything is sucking the wind out of my new home experience… all the dreams of painting this, hanging that… poof, now I am forced to do as little as possible.

I am trying to do what I can, so tonight I sat with paint samples (for Lorelei’s room) and played on poster board. Trying to figure out what colors work best together, as we have this grand plan to paint her room a light purple with dark purple fairy silhouettes flying about her room, with vines that will be visible during the day, and glowing pixie dust that can only be seen at night! I know, grand plan right? We will see how this gets executed, with one workaholic parent and one incapacitated!

Well enough whining for one evening, I pray that we get our keys Tuesday and that we can accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished without going completely broke 🙂

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