Girl Scout “Goal” Sweatshirt

Every year I make a goal shirt of some sort for my daughters Girl Scout troop so they can publicize their goals for their sales.  This year’s design is for their Bronze Award… A buddy bench to be installed at their school.  It will be a fun thing to add and leave their mark as this is their last year.

My design process always starts here – I’m lucky to have a computer geek of a hubby who sometimes does the designing for me to create with… This was one of those cases.

img_8502.jpegScreen Shot 2016-01-15 at 5.38.43 PM
Once it’s designed, I send it to my Silhouette and the magic begins!  The HTV is sent through the cutter.

It then needs to be weeded


Once everything is weeded and ready to go, I use a heat press to apply the design to the shirt.  This year we went with a multiple color design on a sweatshirt (It’s cold this year!)  Here is the final product.



A couple of weeks ago, I saw a girl with a bedazzled cat ear headband… I went searching on the internet and alas no one is selling them anymore.  So today, I tinkered around with some wire, beads, electricians tape, a blank headband, and ribbon.  The beaded wire ears were attached to the blank headband with electricians tape and then I did a standard woven headband over and around the wires to create my own pair of bedazzled ears.  M-E-O-W

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